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Be The Difference

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

By Pastor Surekha Hulugalle

Jesus in and through us causes us to be the difference in the world we live in. God the Father releases the fragrance of Jesus through us where ever we go and with whomever we meet.

To be the difference, Jesus has to first make a difference in us, daily. It is this change that makes me shine in Him, for Him, and through Him and to help others shine as well.

In John 7:37-39 Jesus gives us a glimpse of how we could be the difference, on the inside and out.

Firstly He wants us to drink of Him. He is talking about the Holy Spirit. Jesus was seeing people go through the “religious” motions and not being impacted or changed in any way. Therefore He screams out an invitation to “come and drink”. Take time to spend in His presence through the meditation of the word, worship and saturate yourself in His tangible presence. The key aspect here is not to be in a rush, but enjoy Him in all aspects within you and allow Him to embrace and encounter you.

Secondly allow your heart to be healed from the trauma’s and wounds of your past. Do not carry these and allow them to become cancerous. Why is this important? Else your behaviour will be a result of the pain and trauma that you may knowingly or unknowingly carrying. It is never a shameful thing to deal with your past, but a freedom that Jesus wants you to experience. Your heart needs to be free for the River to flow freely and effectively.

Thirdly be real. The scriptures say, 'do not be conformed to the image of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind’ (Rom 12:1-2). Let Jesus be so real in you that world sees Him through your character and relationships. When Jesus created you He threw the mould away. You are unique and that is what the world needs.

Fourthly live out of the overflow of His Spirit in you. We can make a difference only when there is an outflow. He is in us as a river that flows carrying the heart of the Father, desiring to saturate the land with the works of Jesus. Always desire to be full to give and to be a blessing.

Finally know that out of your heart many rivers will flow. This means that God can use you in many ways, even in ways we cannot imagine. All that He needs is a heart that allows Him to flow through. Allow His love and compassion to touch the lives around you. You are merely the conduit that carries His presence.

Be the difference ! That is whom Jesus has called you to be. Be a world changer because Jesus has made a world of a difference in you.

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