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Who We Are

Established in 2010, GB4Y is the youth arm of Foursquare Great Britain; commissioned with the primary purpose of uniting and serving Youths of the Foursquare movement in Great Britain.. The National Foursquare Leader, of that time, assigned the task to a small group of youth leaders gathered from across the Foursquare UK churches, this group became to be known as the National Youth Team. With their love for Jesus and commitment to the next generation we now have GB4Y - Great Britain 4square Youth.




















There are over 50 Foursquare churches in the Great Britain alone, filled with youth and young adults. Many of whom can easily go without realising the magnitude of the Jesus family they belong to. GB4Y is rooted in uniting the young people of God from across the country.

Almost 10 years later, what was begun by those young leaders is now being continued by a new set of leaders. Grounded in the strong foundation laid over the years, this new National Youth Team is committed to help raise and equip a young generation for Jesus.

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